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Train A Puppy To Stop Biting

Bloody hands…

Torn sleeves…

Shredded pant legs…

Puppies that bite or nip certain cause a lot of problems.  Use these techniques to curb puppy biting and nipping.


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Train A Puppy To Sit, Lie Down, And Stay

Every puppy should start out learning the fundamentals of how to sit, lie down, and stay.  There is a ‘connect the dots’ way to train this yet most people attempt to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

Watch as we work with a puppy (albeit a huge puppy) on these foundational exercises.


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Crate Training A Dog

Crate training a dog is a humane way to supervise your dog when you aren’t home. It needs to be done right, though, if your dog is going to like the crate and feel like it is his or her den. This is the right way to crate train.



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Crate Training Puppies at Night

Have you had difficulties in crate training puppies at night? Many dog owners have issues with crate training during the night because it can be difficult for young puppies to hold it throughout the whole night.

Here are some tips for crate training puppies at night:

  • Don’t leave food or water in your puppy’s crate or kennel. If you leave food or water in the crate it will make it very difficult for your young puppy to hold his bladder throughout the night.
  • Don’t put a dog bed or pillow in the crate or kennel. Dog beds and pillows are soft. Puppies like to pee on soft things like pillows, blankets, grass, dirt, and carpet. By leaving a bed in the crate you may be encouraging your dog to eliminate in his kennel.
  • Cut off your dog’s water a few hours before bed. If your puppy is drinking water right up until bed time it is going to be much more difficult to last through the night. Make sure your dog doesn’t have access to water about two to three hours before your bedtime.
  • Take your puppy out to the bathroom right before you go to bed. Many puppies will fall asleep early. If that is the case then you should still wake the puppy up before your bedtime so he has one last opportunity to empty his bladder.

Understand that with age comes the ability to have bladder control. If you have a puppy under the age of 12 weeks then you may still find yourself getting up once or twice or more during the night. Even some puppies over the age of 12 weeks still have problems holding it throughout the night. Read this article and you will have the secret to crate training puppies at night.

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4 Steps to House Training a Puppy

Do you have a young puppy or an older dog and you wish you could figure out the secrets to house training a puppy or dog? Potty training a dog has four simple steps and if you follow them you are guaranteed to never have to clean up pee or poop again:

  1. Supervision, supervision, supervision!
    I can’t reiterate enough times the importance of supervision when you are training dogs to pee outside. The number one mistake of any dog owner when housebreaking a dog is to give that dog way too much freedom from a young age. You must supervise your dog or puppy if you are going to have any success.
  2. Encourage your dog to pee outside.
    This is very simple. When your dog pees outside praise him heavily. While I am usually not a big fan of treat training this is one behavior that I will definitely reward with a treat. I want the puppy or dog to understand that peeing outside is a wonderful activity.
  3. Correct a dog for peeing inside.
    Don’t be cruel, mean, or harsh. When you catch your puppy or dog peeing inside quickly grab the dog and rush outside while you tell him no. A correction should be unpleasant but not harsh and you can only correct your dog if you catch him in the act.
  4. Training dogs to pee outside requires a good schedule.
    Make sure that you have your dog on a food schedule and a potty schedule so that you are more positioned for success.

If you follow these four steps you are guaranteed a dog that is housebroken and a home that is free of messes.


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