Check out my aggression video, Curing Dog Aggression DVD course, and see my free aggressive dog resources below. Time to stop waiting and start doing. Put an end to aggression problems today!


Dog aggression is one of the biggest problems that leads to dogs being put in shelters and euthanized.  What most dog owners don’t realize is that you CAN fix nearly every aggressive dog.  You just need to learn the proper techniques, have the right tools, and apply some consistency.

I’ve made a career out of my ability to fix aggressive dogs.  In my Curing Dog Aggression DVD program (above) or in my free aggression resources (below) you’ll see the techniques and methods that I use on a daily basis to help dog owners just like you to fix their aggression problems.

My techniques have successfully helped and fixed thousands of dogs with human aggression, child aggression, dog aggression, cat aggression, food aggression, handler aggression and more.  Happy training!

Free Aggression Training Resources

Aggression Formula With A Client- In this video I sit down with a client and walk them, step-by-step, through a blueprint that we’ll use to fix his dog’s aggression issues.

More Aggression Psychology- In this video I sit down with another client and we get into the psychology of why his Yorkie is being aggressive and what we can do to start fixing it.

Starting Core Obedience Behaviors- One thing I teach in my Curing Aggression DVD series is the use of obedience training to fix aggression.  Out of all the behaviors you can teach your dog there are three ‘Core Behaviors’ that, when mastered, will greatly help you fix your aggressive dog.  The first of these behaviors is a dog who walks perfectly on leash.

More Core Behaviors- The second of my core behaviors is having a dog who stays when told.  This can help you with numerous issues and can help with dogs who are aggressive at the door, aggressive while on walks, at the park, etc.

Using An E-Collar To Train An Aggressive Dog To Come When Called- One of the biggest myths you’ll hear from ‘treat trainers’ is that an electric dog training collar is inhumane.  When it’s used properly it is incredibly humane and fair and is little more than a tiny tickle.  Used correctly, we can use this tool with aggressive dogs to get a top notch recall.  You aren’t going to achieve this level of obedience with treats, folks.  This is just the first step to having a perfect recall.

Using My Distance Method To Correct Dog Aggression- Many dog owners just want to know how to react when their dogs are acting aggressively.  They want to know proper leash techniques and HOW to correct their dog for aggression.  This video shows you how to do it.

How To Fix Food Aggression- Food aggression, or resource guarding, can be a dangerous behavior.  Learn some techniques for putting a stop to this type of behavior problem.

Inner Circle Member Resources

(Our inner circle is available to dog owners who invest in our core DVD programs)