Steps For Curing Dog AggressionCuring Dog Aggression

If your dog has dog aggression, child aggression, human aggression, food aggression, resource guarding, cat aggression or other types of aggression then this is the program for you. Included in this program is our entire Foundation Obedience and Advanced E-Collar Obedience training programs plus hours and hours of instruction on fixing all types of aggression. The program will start you off with fundamental obedience, take you to an advanced level and give you strategies for how to deal with aggression when it rears it’s head.

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Learn to potty train a puppy or adult dogHouse Train Your Dog

If you’ve got a puppy or an adult dog who is going potty in the house then this is the program for you. In it you’ll see how I take everyday clients through a simple, four-step program for putting an end to accidents. Most of our clients see an immediate end to indoor potty accidents when they follow this program and then are set up for long term success. As a bonus this program even includes a condensed section on Foundation Obedience.

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Fix Bad Dog Manners and Dog DestructionManners, Destruction, and Behavior Problems

This is the program for people who are dealing with chewing, biting, nipping, jumping, barking, digging, and more. I take you through a defined set of steps that includes how to best supervise your dog, how to correct manners and destructive behaviors, and how to fulfill your dog in a way so that they don’t feel the need to be destructive. As a bonus this program even includes a condensed section on Foundation Obedience.

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Puppy Training, obedience, potty training, socializationRaising the Perfect Puppy

If you want to raise the perfect puppy then you have to know how to deal with the four most important parts of puppy training: 1- How to house train a puppy, 2- How to deal with nipping, barking, jumping, chewing, etc., 3- How to train your puppy it’s first obedience commands, 4- How to properly socialize your puppy. This program deals in detail with each of these areas and sets the foundation for having a great dog for years to come.

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Obedience Training For DogsFoundation Obedience Training

There are three ‘Core Behaviors’ that allow you to deal with just about any dog problem out there. If your dog were to simply come when called, stay when told, and walk properly on leash it would allow you to fix most behavior problems. This is not a click and treat program, rather it’s a real-life, in the trenches, step-by-step program for teaching reliable on-leash obedience.

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Electric Collar Obedience TrainingAdvanced E-Collar Obedience Training

When it is used properly an e-collar is one of the most humane ways to train a dog. Used properly we can use it on the level of literally a tickle yet, when leveraged the right way, we can use that tiny tickle to have a dog that comes when called every time, heels off leash, stays off leash and more. There are very few trainers in the country that teach obedience on this level and no other DVD programs like this.

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Flint River Ranch Dog Food

Having a well trained dog starts with having a healthy dog. Nearly all commercial dog foods (including most recommended by veterinarians) are full of harmful fillers, artificial colors and flavors, cancer causing agents, low grade protein sources, and other junk. Our dog food uses all human grade ingredients, no chemical preservatives, coloring, or flavors, and most dogs love it. Even better, it comes delivered to your house and when you see the price that includes shipping.

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Skype Dog Training

Many of our readers want us to come to their home to help them train their dogs. The problem is…we’re in Utah and they aren’t. We’ve solved that problem by doing Skype dog training. Basically what you do is point your Skype enabled webcam, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android phone, tablet or other device at you and your dog and we do training sessions on your schedule. Sound great?

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