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Can Your Dog’s Obedience Solve Behavior Problems?

You are only going to see this page once EVER. It’s really important you read the following words very carefully.

For the first time ever, a renowned dog trainer is opening up his ‘bag of tricks’ to reveal to you a Step-By-Step, Walk You By The Hand, Blueprint formula for finally having a dog listen the first time….
“Ty, I want to thank you for working with me on Bear’s naughty behavior. He comes when I call, walks right next to me off leash and stops barking at strangers walking by on command. I almost gave up hope on him and I am so glad I found you. You are great with dogs and you understand them. I wish I had met you sooner. Thank you!…”
Thanh, New York

From the desk of Ty Brown, Dog Trainer

Dear Dog Owner,

Sometime when I’m talking with a dog owner I feel like a broken record. It seems like everything they ask about can be fixed if their dog simply had foundation obedience.

“My dog begs at the table!” they’ll say. “Your dog can no longer beg at the table if he lies down and stays put,” is my response.

“My dog won’t leave my guests alone!” they’ll moan. “Your dog can’t bug your guests if she lies down and stays on her bed over there,” I’ll say.

“My dog runs back and forth barking at the front window when he sees other dogs!” they’ll tell me. “Not if he comes when called and calmly sits,” is my comeback.

No matter what problem you are dealing with your dog it is almost always rendered obsolete if your dog performs one or more of my foundation obedience behaviors.

So why do I call this Foundation Obedience instead of Basic Obedience?


Almost everyone can teach their dog basic obedience without my help. What they need help with is getting RELIABLE obedience that actually WORKS when they need it. What do I mean?

I talk with a lot of dog owners. They’ll tell me that their dog has basic/foundation/beginners obedience.

“Oh yeah,” they’ll say, “my dog sits and stays.” My follow up question is, “Will she sit and stay when someone knocks at the door?”

The answer is almost always no.

“Sure,” they’ll tell me, “my dog does pretty good on leash.” To which I ask, “Is your dog great on leash when there are distractions?”

Of course, the answer is no.

The list goes on and on. Most of the of the dogs I’ve met in my life understand how to sit, lie down, and even do other BASIC commands. Hardly ever do I meet, though, a dog who will still do those things with distractions.

Does this describe your dog?

Is your dog only obedient when it’s convenient to him or her? Does your obedience training break down when there are distractions? You need my Foundation Obedience Program if you answered yes.

It does not matter if…

  • You’ve already tried EVERYTHING and still your dog isn’t obedient.
  • If your vet, other dog trainers, friends, or dog owners at the park tell you it is a ‘lost cause’ and you need to get rid of your dog
  • If you think you are good or bad at training your dog

Even if you are an absolute beginner I promise you that you can start to see almost immediate results in obedience training your dog.

Over my career I’ve successfully helped hundreds of dog owners, just like you, to take their dogs from wild and out of control to calm and well mannered..

In fact, if you stick with me for the next couple minutes and read this letter top to bottom, and you are the action taker I hope you to be, then you can get set to…

Start ENJOYING your dog today instead of being afraid of what he or she may do…

How does that sound? Pretty amazing, right? (It’s true, though, and I’m the only dog trainer out there who literally puts his money where his mouth is. Read on…)

But if you’ve read other books, talked with other so-called ‘dog training professionals’, and read everything you can find online you may already be skeptical about your ability to train your dog. When another dog trainer tells you ‘this is it’ you probably roll your eyes and think ‘yeah, I’ve heard that before…’

I’ve had many clients that have thought the same thing. Each and every one of them, though, arrived at a point where they realized they had nothing left to lose. Their dog, despite all of their best efforts, continued being disobedient.

They realized they needed to find the one person who was a specialist…the one person who had successfully dealt with countless naughty dogs…the one person who had a game-plan that could be followed by any dog owner…they needed to find their ‘obedience expert’…

Are you at that point?

“We are so delighted and thankful for your wonderful training services with our 200lb baby mastiff Zeppelin. As our youngest puppy, he has been a handful from the beginning (apparently your first dog doesn’t train the new puppy – who knew?). We were so very pleasantly surprised with your training! Thank you so much Ty – it has been amazing to see such a huge transformation in Zeppelin in such a short amount of time. We’ve taken him to parks and many many walks where he has proved to be a gentle, friendly, and well behaved giant. He walks by my side (on and off the leash), he sits, stays, and lays down upon command, and he comes to my side when I call him every time. It’s absolutely wonderful….”
The Skow Family

More Satisfied Clients:


Before you go any further and waste time I need to let you know. This training program IS NOT for some of you out there:

  • If you aren’t willing to work at training your dog this IS NOT for you. I teach something very unique called Integration Training that makes your training easier and quicker than just about any other training program out there. It still requires effort, though.
  • If you are looking to find magic in ‘treat training’ this IS NOT for you. The biggest dog training lie of the 21st century is that you can fix anything with treats. When it comes to reliable obedience, though, that just isn’t true.
  • If you only pay lip service to wanting a trained dog then this IS NOT for you. Having a trained dog means effort, time, money, involvement. If you aren’t prepared to invest those things into your dog you are better off with a stuffed animal.
  • If you are looking for a re-hashed, tired, cheap dog training eBook then this IS NOT for you. My program is a real DVD course full of hours and hours of video instruction. There is nothing basic about this at all.

Before I tell you a little more about the program let me tell you about myself.

I’m a normal guy. I have a wife and four daughters and have been an animal lover my whole life. When I was 14 years old my parents finally relented and allowed me to get a dog (they weren’t big fans of dogs). I studied every book and every resource I could get my hands on. I read every library book on dog training twice and got myself plenty confused. Every method I read contradicted with others and most of them were hard to comprehend in the first place.

Around this time I called a local dog trainer and begged him for a job. He didn’t have a paying job available but he allowed me to apprentice for him for a number of years while I was in high school. For me it was an amazing opportunity.

I was kind of a goofy kid. I had these huge coke bottle glasses, I was chubby, I was always trying to make wisecracks that no one seemed to get. When I finally discovered that I had a skill with training dogs it was an amazing self-esteem booster. I loved it. When I was about 15 the trainer actually allowed me to lead parts of his group obedience classes and I was on top of the world.

This was my start and it led me down the path to where I am today. From that job I was able to land another job on the East Coast when I was in my early 20s. At this job I trained protection dogs, police dogs, and guard dogs. Very few people in the country have learned obedience training and specific training at this level. One thing I learned there, though, was that the same principles that applied to training a highly trained police dog that sold for $30,000 + are the same principles that apply to training a poodle, Yorkie, or Labrador. Those were the skills that I brought to opening my business here in Utah that has now been running successfully for years. We’ve been voted the best dog training company in the state almost every year we’ve been in business and we are incredibly proud of that.

As I developed my methods for house training, destruction, obedience, and fixing aggression I’ve used the experiences I’ve gained from working with some of the best trainers in the world while adding my own knowledge and skill. That is the depth of understanding that I bring to you with my DVD programs.

This will sound a little bit like a brag but most trainers out there boast about the trainers they’ve worked with in their life…now I’ve become the trainer that other trainers across the country brag about working with.

Even thought I’ve gained this expertise I’ve made sure that my methods are easy enough to do for even the most beginner of dog owners. My clients have been lifelong dog owners and they’ve been complete ‘newbies’. Wherever your skill level, you can benefit from my Foundation Obedience program.

Enough about me. Let me tell YOU what you’ll be getting in my Foundation Obedience program:

  • My intro DVD. This DVD is going to cover fundamental things that all dog owners should know like which dog training tools actually UN-TRAIN your dog, the one thing that causes most people to socialize their dogs in a way that CAUSES aggression, the key components for crate training, how to troubleshoot ANY dog behavior problem, my obedience formula for getting your dog to listen to you the FIRST time, EVERY time., and much more.
  • Skills for getting your dog to lie down, sit, go to a bed and stay put no matter how long and no matter how many distractions.
  • My fool proof (and almost always QUICK) method for having perect leash walking. Imagine if tomorrow you no longer had to be pulled down the street.
  • My method for teaching TWO different recall commands. It’s critical that you have not one but two commands for your dog to come when called.
  • How to take the foundation training and apply it to issues like jumping, begging, stealing, and other behavior problems.

There’s More, Though!

Act now and you’ll also get these bonuses while they last:

  • A workbook course. Not only is it important for you to learn these training principles but you’ll also need reminders and ways to check off your progress. My workbooks will allow you to that.
  • Immediate access to these training resources through your membership on my site. As soon as you order we’ll ship you out your DVDs and workbooks. Before you get those, though, you’ll be able to start training through your online membership.
  • Your membership also includes access to tele-seminars, webinars, and other supplemental training that we do with frequency.
  • An e-Book collection of several eBooks that I’ve written on a variety of subjects from obedience to aggression and more.
That’s a Massive Course With One Design: Get Control Back And Have Your Dog Be Happily Obedient


I’m so confident that you are going to love my training course plus all the bonuses that I’m going to ‘put my money where my mouth is.’

Our 45 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Order today and I’ll send you out your DVD course and get you set up with your bonuses. If you aren’t satisfied, for whatever reason, simply return your course and get 100%, no questions asked, refund of your dog training investment.

I’ve literally taken all the risk out of you investing in my program. Either you love it and you get your dog’s obedience problems fixed…or you don’t and you get your money back. It’s as simple as that and I don’t know any other dog trainer that is willing to back up his training like I am.


Think about it, you came here today for a reason. You need help solving obedience problems. If you don’t take action today what is going to happen? How much more risk will your dog and those around your dog be in if you don’t start making progress TODAY? How much longer will you stumble around trying to fix this problem on your own before you finally decide to hire an expert to help you out? Don’t continue to procrastinate, start making progress RIGHT NOW!

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Happy Training,

Ty Brown

P.S. If you are still doing tomorrow what you are doing today your dog will still be acting the same. Start changing things today!

P.P.S. I would hate to see you lose out because you weren’t sure. Remember that this is fully guaranteed and that you are risking absolutely nothing. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that you have an 45 day money back guarantee. If you decide for any reason that you’re not thrilled, I will simply refund your entire purchase price no questions asked.

More Success Stories:

Glenn Sherrill of


Danielle Ream in South Carolina

Ty, I just had to write to tell you THANK YOU! We adopted a roughly three year old female rottweiler about two years ago and have loved having her. She is, however, 100 plus pounds of dog! While we had worked on basic commands, she would not follow them if distractions were present. Thus, they weren’t much good. We’re on week three of using your training videos and the ecollar. It has been wonderful. I only regret that we did not know about or look into this earlier. She walks at a heel, sits, and stays with other dogs around, cats crossing the street and little kids screaming. We love having her and taking her with us to the park. I can tell we will certainly have more freedom and less worry in the future wondering how she will react if we take her along. Your training videos have allowed us to have our big girl be an integral part of our family. Thank you! Danielle Ream


Your videos are worth every penny… A true investment to training your dog!!! Rick-



Suresh Subbiah, Connecticut


Absolutely, I have viewed other videos/trainers but yours is more realistic and not theoretical like others. Most miss the structure and way to solve problems. I have already tried a few of your programs and I am seeing success . Note, my Lhasa Apso too knew the basic commands but after listening to your videos I realized that its not enough just to know but a dog has to perfect it when exposed to all distractions.
Personally, I am dealing with dog’s aggression towards my kids, strangers and sometimes my wife ( could be insecurity, knowing its place in pack structure, socialization and possession). I plan to follow your instructions and hope to see results. I will reach out to you for help if I still struggle.
My far, you are the best ( I have seen a number of videos, trainers and please feel free to quote me in your website and I will be happy to let you share this as I believe that other dog owners having similar problems will benefit from your training program.)Suresh Subbiah

Alvaro in Peru

Click on the following link to check out the awesome testimonial that came in from Peru.








Tracey in Utah

“I worked so hard doing the foundation work with my chocolate lab but once we got outside the home and there were heavy distractions, it all fell apart. I wanted to use an e-collar but knew professional guidance was a must. Your videos are what saved me! (and I’m here in Utah so your trainer Joe has already been a wonderful help as well.) I was able to start using the ecollar just with you video instruction and I swear to you I had a different dog in two days. The off leash control is wonderful and no more pulling when on the leash either! I know I have to stay committed in order to wean her off the collar eventually but I’m enjoying her so much we are spending even more time playing in the park and on walks. Also, future Utah clients should know how much help the group classes are too. Thanks so much!”

– Tracey Rumsey