The Welsh Terrieris an ancient breed that was developed by the Celts in North Wales. They are a medium sized dog that stands between 14 and 15.5 inches tall and that weighs between 20 and 21 pounds. They resemble a small Airedale terrier. Their coats are thick and wiry and thy usually come in black and tan or grizzle and tan color variations. They are an active, playful, and tolerant breed that enjoys children and other pets. They will need to be properly socialized and trained not to chase smaller pets if you have a multi-pet household. The Welsh Terrier is one of the more rare of the terrier breeds.

Dog Training MembershipAs with all terriers it is important to start training at a young age. Terriers can be especially tenacious when going after small ‘prey’. Trained properly, though, the Welsh Terrier can make an excellent home companion.

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