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Every month we get tens of thousands of visitors to our sites and we get numerous questions from dog owners across the world.  Let me first start out by saying,

I Love Answering Dog Training Questions

The problem is, though, that too few people actually critically think they’re dog training problem before coming to us.  Quite often the questions we get are as simple as:

“Can you tell me how to train my dog?”


“Can you teach me how to get my dog’s aggression to stop?”

And that’s it!  That’s the entire question.  No background, no mention of what they’ve tried, no follow through, etc.  This frustrates me but it also has helped me understand that many dog owners have a critical thinking problem.  They aren’t looking deeply at their problem, they see the problem on the surface, and they are looking for superficial treatment.

This won’t do.

In order to solve your dog training issues you need to understand the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ and more.  You’ve got to think about your dog’s problem critically.

In the following Podcast I share with you my dog training formulas for getting to the bottom of ANY dog training problem and solving it whether it be destruction, aggression, housebreaking, or anything else.

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Make sure to listen in as I’ll be taking this podcast down soon and putting it on our members only website.

Other Dog Training Resources

In the podcast I mention various resources.  Here are links for some of them:

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