In my business I find that most of my time is spent fixing dog training problems that have been developed over months or years.  I find that in nearly every occasion whether it be aggression, destruction, obedience, hyperactivity, or manners issues in adult dogs we could have avoided the problems from the get-go had the dog owner done some good puppy training.

When it comes to puppies you must cover your bases in four main areas: puppy potty training, manners (chewing, nipping, jumping, biting, etc.), foundation obedience, and socialization.

If you’ve got the right training for those four areas you will raise the perfect puppy, avoid problems before they start, and set the right foundation for the entire lifetime of your dog.

Free Puppy Training Resources

Train The Casual Recall- The best way to have an adult dog that comes when called is to train your puppy to come when called.  There is a very simple method for teaching my ‘casual recall’.

House Training A Puppy- Watch as I sit down with this puppy client and go over very specific things to help house train their puppy.

Train A Puppy To Stop Biting- Puppy nipping drives everyone crazy.  Using my methods dog owners can put up with this problem for much less time.

Train A Puppy To Sit, Lie Down, and Stay- This is fundamental for every puppy.  Why wait to start training your puppy to stay when told?

Inner Circle Member Resources

(Our inner circle is available to dog owners who invest in our core DVD programs)

Place Command With A Puppy- The place command is one of my client’s favorite commands. Imagine being able to have your dog go to a bed and stay put. This command helps with house training, manners, teaching your puppy to be calm indoors and more. This is a follow up of our initial place command training with a young puppy.

Follow Up With Young Puppy- This is a follow up training that I did with a client in helping their puppy improve house training and more.

Training A Puppy To Come When Called- Some puppies are great at coming when called. Others are lousy. Regardless of whether your puppy is good or bad there is one thing I can almost guarantee you. If you don’t formally teach your puppy to come when called you will likely soon have a puppy who definitely doesn’t come when called.

More Recall Training With A Puppy- This is a video with more training on how to get your puppy to come when called.

More Puppy Follow Up- This is more follow up training with one of our puppy clients.

Stop Your Puppy From Barking In The Crate- Does your puppy bark in the kennel or crate? Does it make you want to scream? You need to watch this video.

Training The Formal Recall- I train two different types of recall, the casual recall and the formal recall. This is the formal recall and you need it for having a safe, emergency recall to keep your puppy out of danger.

Puppy Place Command- Train The place command with your young puppy.

Puppy Manners Training- Does your puppy have bad manners? Does he jump, nip, bite, chew, etc.? This video outlines how to fix those problems.

Follow Up Training- More follow up training with one of our valued clients.

Train The Casual Recall- This training exercise is all about training your puppy that it is super-fun to come when called. I teach a very simple, three-part formula for having a great casual recall.

More Place Command Training- More place command training with one of our puppy clients.

Train The Word ‘No’- Most puppies don’t understand the word ‘no’ like they should. When your puppy understands this simple command you are able to fix things like nipping, biting, jumping, barking, etc.