Dog training has evolved a lot over the years. In years past dog owners would simply look for group classes in their local area and call their training efforts good.

If the dog had bigger issues then he was put down or relegated to the back yard.

Today’s training climate has changed quite a bit, though. Dogs are now more a part of the family and dog owners everywhere are looking for ways to help their dogs get the best training and to solve some of the bigger problems like separation anxiety and aggression and more.

As such, we’re finding more and more clients wanting to send us their dogs here to Utah from out of state. To date we’ve had dog owner send their dogs from a dozen states for our unique style of training.

And thanks to reasonable pricing with flights for dogs this option doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.

In our boot camp the dog comes and works with our trainers for 3-4 weeks, stays in their homes, spends time at our daycare and training center, and comes home having learned advanced on and off leash obedience through our e-collar program and with us having solved aggression and destruction problems. We then will work with you to teach you how to maintain the training. All clients will also get a lifetime membership to our website in order to always have access to videos and other training material.

Pricing Plan #1

You send the dog to us (shipped by plane or driven to us) in Salt Lake City.  Following the training you come to our training center in order to learn the skills you’ll need to maintain that training.


Pricing Plan #2

You send the dog to us (shipped by plane or driven to us) in Salt Lake City.  Following the training one of our trainers will personally deliver the dog to your home anywhere in the country, customize the training in your home, and spend the day working with you on maintaining the training.

$4497 + travel expenses (Extra charges for out of country)

Payment plans are offered on these programs.  Please note, if you are in Utah we have a different pricing structure.  These prices are only for our out of state clients.

For more information, for Utah pricing, or to book your dog into our boot camp call 801-895-2731