Welcome to this page!  While we are based in Utah I find myself traveling to locations across the world to work with dog owners, speak, give seminars, etc.  To date, I’ve been invited to work in nearly two dozen states and in 6 countries worldwide in order to share my processes on dog training and the dog business.

If you’d like to work directly with me then here are a few ways to do that:

  • If you are a Utah dog owner and are wanting dog training services then check out our Utah Dog Training page.
  • Invite me to put on a seminar for a fundraiser, for your dog training company, etc.  Info below.
  • Send your dog to us.  We’ll train your dog and then have the dog come back accompanied by one of our trainers.  Info below.
  • Have Ty come out to work with you in person.  Info below.


Dog Training SeminarI’ve had a lot of fun over the years putting on workshops and seminars and speaking for different events and crowds.  I’ve done events as varied as giving clinics at Veterinary Tech Colleges on how to identify problem behavior and deal with problem dogs to Curing Dog Aggression seminars to Business and Marketing Seminars for other pet professionals.  Below is a list of workshops that I typically do.  Please get in touch if you’d like to design another type:

Behavioral Workshops:

This type of workshop is great for dog trainers, rescues, shelters, or other pet related organizations looking to add revenue to their company’s bottom line, fundraise for their group, or add a new skill set to their organization.   I’ve developed a unique system that uses low level and humane e-collar work to help dogs overcome in a much faster and easier way common problems that plague many dog owners including:

  • Aggression (This is the big one.  We have a lot of folks wanting to know how we’re able to accomplish big results in overcoming aggression in a short period of time.
  • Destruction
  • Anxiety or anti-social behavior
  • Manners issues; jumping, barking, etc.
  • Obedience and control problems including off leash training with distractions.

With a workshop like this I’d work with you to help plan an event that is enriching and educational for your attendees.  Workshops are typically 2-3 days but can vary depending on goals.

Business Building Seminars and Consulting

This is a great option for a pet professional to invite myself to their neck of the woods to put on a seminar related to:

  • Systems for gaining clients (no more HOPING clients come, systems for having predictable streams of clients)
  • Online marketing including how to get traffic, optimize a website, and convert website traffic into leads and paying customers
  • Sales systems that help businesses organize their offerings into better margin/better revenue products and services and how to SELL those products and services
  • Branding techniques for standing apart in your industry

In addition to seminars I am available at a very limited basis for private consulting either in person or by phone.

My business building seminars and consulting are GUARANTEED to increase your revenue and profitability.  Fill out the form below and I’ll call you regarding different options for our seminars or workshops.


 Send Your Dog to Me!

Dog trainingWe’ve got a lot of people who have sent their dogs to us from around the country in order to be integrated into our boot camp where their dogs can learn our unique style of advanced obedience and overcome big issues like aggression, destruction, anxiety and more.  We also use our boot camp for training things like Diabetic Alert Dogs and service dogs for people with autism, MS, or others.  Myself and my small staff of three trainers work with each dog several hours a day and the dogs live in the homes of their trainers. To date we’ve had clients send us their dogs from about a dozen states and even internationally. ===>>> Let me be clear! In people sending us their dog from out of state or further they are passing dozens if not hundreds of dog training companies in order to get to us.  What that means is that the people who send us their dogs recognize how different we are….that we get results that currently aren’t achieved at other dog training companies….and that our problem-solving ability is better than those available close to them. I say this because this is not a cheap endeavor.  While our pricing is reasonable according to industry standards you have to factor in travel costs for your dog to get to us and for your dog and trainer to come back.  For our clients this is a small investment to make for the results we deliver but it’s important to make that distinction clear up front so as to not get flooded with interested dog owners who aren’t in a position to invest in this type of training. If you’re interested in sending your dog to us fill out the form below and I’ll call you with more information.


Bring Me to You!

Ty Brown Dog TrainerThis has been fun for me to see several countries and dozens of states as clients have brought me out for private consultations, budding trainers who have brought me out to take their skill set to the next level, and clients who simply want a level of training that they can’t find in their local area.

For these clients I’m available just a few times a year to do private consulting where you live.  If you’re interested in this service please fill out your info below and I’ll call you to discuss availability.