A Dog That Won’t Come When Called

A dog that won’t come when called is one of the biggest obedience challenges that people have.

The following question comes in from one of our readers:

HI Ty,
I REALLY LIKE YOUR TRAINING.  My puppy, Jewel, is 11 months old and she is part Shepherd. I rescued her from Southern Jewel Rescue.  She is a very sweet puppy and smart.  When we are in the house she will come when I call her, but outside, when I say” here” she thinks I am playing.  She is very fast so I put her on her leash and let her run in the big yard, she runs in a circle like a horse and when I call her she grabs the leash and starts pulling it and me all over.  Then I tell her to leave it!   She takes a while, finally she lets go.  I know she is still a puppy and all she wants to do is play.
I did buy your dogbehavioronline.com about 4 years ago, but my computer broke down now and  I can’t get it back.  So if you could please send a video on teaching her to come when called I would really appreciate it.  I miss having the program.
Thank You,
The following is my response:

A Dog That Won’t Come When Called On Youtube

A dog that won’t come when called- Key Points

  • First you need to train the dog to stop grabbing the leash.  It’s tough with a dog that won’t come when called if you can’t even use the leash to train.  I recommend getting a 20 foot long line and a pinch collar.  When she goes to grab the leash give quick leash corrections to get her to stop.  If needed, you could try vinegar or hot sauce on the leash to get her to stop grabbing it.
  • During the training stages with a dog that won’t come when called it’s important to always be ready to back up your commands.  If you can’t back it up, don’t say the command.
  • Now that the dog isn’t grabbing the leash and pulling you around it’s important for you to start training the ‘here’ command.  Give her the command and if she doesn’t immediately come then give a quick pop on the leash as a reminder.  When she does start to come praise her heavily.

A dog that won’t come when called- Resources

We’ve got many resources on this site for helping you with training a dog to come, obedience, aggression, puppy training and more.

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