Dog Training- Chad Mackin

I’ve been hanging out on a forum recently where I’ve been speaking with dog training expert, Chad Mackin, of Pack To Basics and DePaw University Canine Campus Inc. in Illinois.  I noticed that Chad kept using a term that I hadn’t heard in the dog industry and I wanted to get his take on it.

He kept talking about ‘adrenalized dogs’, ‘dogs in an adrenalized state’, and other terms relating to adrenaline.

Now, I know what adrenaline is, but I hadn’t thought of it’s relation to dog training and dog behavior.  I decided to invite him onto the podcast and he was kind enough to lend me a half hour of his life to explain these terms and how they can benefit the every-day dog owner.

Dog Training- What Will You Learn In This Podcast?

  • Learn how you can tell from your dog’s eyes if he is in an adrenalized state and what that means.
  • Learn to decipher body positions in order to understand what condition your dog is currently in.
  • Find out two KEY DOG TRAINING commands that are easy to do but can help just about any dog lead a happier life.
  • Understand the definition of what an ‘adrenalized dog’ is and if your dog falls into that category.
  • Uncover techniques that you can use that can actually teach your dog to self-regulate whether you are home or not.  (Dealing with destruction or other inappropriate behaviors while you are gone?  You NEED to listen to this.)
  • Discover what is at the root cause of your dog being happy or not and how you can help your pet achieve happiness and satisfaction every day.
  • You’ll learn the right way and the wrong way to properly socialize a dog (he talks about play groups, dog parks, day cares and more.  Hint: some of these are great and others can do serious damage to a dog’s mental state).

Overall, this is just under a half hour of a podcast jam-packed with information and tips for dog training, fixing dog destruction, fixing anti-social behaviors, aggression, and more.

If you’re dealing with any of these issues I recommend you listen with a pen and paper because you will definitely walk away with a few critical changes that you can start making today in order to see more success with your dog tomorrow.

Dog Training- Listen to the Podcast Below

Press play below to listen in.  Enjoy!