How to Get a Dog to Stop Grabbing the Leash on a Walk- Reader Question

The following is a question from one of our readers:

How do I get my dog to stop biting the leash and trying jump all over me when on a walk?
She’ll be great for a while then get a bug up her butt and become uncontrollable. When I try to correct her she thinks I’m playing and continues her bad behavior. Obviously there is a disconnect.
I’ve watched your video and she (who is a seven month old half English setter, half Golden Retriever from purebred parents) does well with commands but correcting misbehavior is still a challenge. I pull the leash as my correction while saying “no” or “down” but that seems to egg her on even more. I’ve tried taking her to the ground and holding her to get her to calm down but that doesn’t work so great either.
Yikes! I’m clueless and losing my patience.

How to Get a Dog to Stop Grabbing the Leash on a Walk- The Video


How to get a dog to stop grabbing the leash on a walk on Youtube

How to Get a Dog to Stop Grabbing the Leash on a Walk- Key Tips

There are a few key points to consider in order to get your dog to stop grabbing the leash on a walk:

  • What type of training collar are you using?  If you are using a flat collar, slip collar, or harness then those aren’t going to help you get over this problem.  I’d recommend using a pinch collar or a prong collar.
  • I’m guessing that she is grabbing the leash and, with the positioning of your hands, you are likely just playing a tug-of-war with her rather than actually correcting her.  When she grabs the leash quickly reposition your hands so that you are grabbing the leash next to her neck rather than further away.
  • Holding a dog down nearly never works for calming a dog.  It typically just riles a dog up.  Avoid this technique for any behavior problem.

Remember that the mark of an effective correction is that it will change behavior now and change behavior in the future.  If you are continually correcting and seeing nothing for your labors it means that your corrections are not the right style, firmness, timing, etc. for your dog.  Change the training collar and change the positioning of your hands and I think you’ll be in great shape.