The French Bulldog, also referred to as the Bouledogue Francais, is either a French or a Spanish breed. They are a small dog with a large personality that only stands about 12 inches tall and it weighs between 22 and 28 pounds. They have short smooth coats that come in fawn, brindle or pied colors. They are often referred to as a ‘wash and wear’ breed that has easy coat maintenance.

To care for this breed you will need to rub down their coats with a rough cloth on a daily basis to keep it shiny and clean. Although they do have a short coat they may shed just as much as any other breed. Their teeth need to be cleaned regularly and their toenails will need to be trimmed as Dog Training Membershipneeded. This little dog doesn’t need a lot of exercise. You should be able to keep them healthy by playing chase games and fetch in the park, inside, or in your yard.

This is a dog that can be stubborn to train. Clear communication and patience are the keys to having a well trained French Bulldog. Try to make training interesting and mentally stimulating so as to not get them set in a routine or pattern. Be firm but fair.

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