The Neapolitan Mastiff, also called the Mastino and the Neo, is an Italian breed. It belongs the miscellaneous breed group. This dog is protective and loving towards its family, and gets along with kids. However, male Neapolitan Mastiffs that are still intact has a tendency to be very aggressive towards other intact males.

The Neapolitan Mastiff is a very large dog. The males are larger than the females. They stand between 25.5 and 30 inches tall and weigh between 150 and 185 pounds. The females stand between 23.5 and 27 inches tall and they weigh between 145 and 165 pounds. Their coats are short and shiny and they come in grey, mahogany, tawny, brindle, and black. The most characteristic features of this dog are the skin folds on its face and body.

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